What is the robot genius? | Artificial intelligence | skills Gateway | Episode1 by a million lights.

What is the robotics genius? | Artificial intelligence | skills Gateway | Episode1 by a million lights.

What is the robotics genius? You’ll find all the details of what the robotics is, and How it would be Useful in the development of our career in this world of competition, in this video on million lights.

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Kisses Wit – Valentine’s Day-Make The Day Special

kiss-joke – Valentines Day Special

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2050 FUTURE of the WORLD || the FUTURE of the WORLD of 2050 TECHNOLOGY IN HINDI || 2050 की दुनिया ||

2050 FUTURE of the WORLD || the FUTURE of the WORLD of 2050 TECHNOLOGY IN HINDI || 2050 की दुनिया ||

the FUTURE to 2050 || the FUTURE of the WORLD of 2050 TECHNOLOGY IN HINDI || 2050 की दुनिया || the FUTURE of the WORLD in the year 2050

2050 ki duniya
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2050 ka future
In 2050, my bharat
2050 me kaisa hoga bharat
In 2050, my kaisi hogi duniya
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By 2050, India kaisa hoga
2050 future of the world
2050 ki duniya

This week’s guest Daniel Franklin, the editor-in-chief of The Economist and editor-in-chief of “The Economist”, the annual publication of The world…. focusing on the forecasts for the coming year. He is also the author of the book, Megatech: the technology in the year 2050 looking beyond the horizon is immediately useful, if you look at the trends of the future. In particular, Franklin sees the driving forces of change. For example, follow the money, and that is what you are saying? What might look technologies, dos, or prior to the slide and gives an overview of the trends of the future. We have seen great leaps in digital technology in past the past five years. Smartphones, cloud computing, multi-touch, tablet-pcs, these are all innovations that have revolutionised the way we live and work. But whether you believe it or not, we are just getting started. The technology is even better. In the future, we can have the life the way the people in the films of the science-fiction-n’.

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Fear, In All of the Scare zones, Halloween Horror Nights-Universal Orlando HHN25

to have fear, In All zones, Halloween Horror Nights-Universal Orlando HHN25

It is another evening in the week an issue to Universal Orlando to check, the beginning of week 4 of the Halloween Horror Nights! HHN25 was great, we spent a lot of time, anxiety, and scare the areas!

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A Comparison Of Body-Odour Issues

in the fight against body odor


This guide charger has something nice to sensitive to, it is personal hygiene and body odor. Not for the geeks, a supervisor or a manager more than when you know that you have someone to talk to, or a conversation about your personal hygiene or body odor. But really, most of the managers you get worked up more than is necessary, so I want to go, and see what we can do to help you be more self-confident.
First of all, I want you to realize that the smell is of the body and personal hygiene for most people is not something, well, no one likes to talk about it because it’s embarrassing, but if you think about it, most people that smell bad, or have personal hygiene, you are not even aware of. You get so used. It is a bit of a home-cats can start to feel like the cats, but the person who lives there, has no smell. It is the leader now, like most things, the things of his attention. And in this way, the employees can hope to resolve the situation.
Now, I have found that the game creators to be upset about because you feel uncomfortable for the person, and you don’t want to hurt the feelings of the person, but you frequently complain about other people not want to work next to this person. Firstly, many managers simply want to joke in this context. I’ve heard that everything is like a piece of soap on the Desk of the employee, or in your work area, in the hope that they can get to the suspicion. I just need you to know that this can be more than offensive and disrespectful that a conversation on this topic. Will take someone who is not shaken when you do something like this, or worse, you still have the suspicion that they continue to be.
I remember a participant in a workshop, I was at the top, like a feedback on the efficiency and provide an assessment of the performance. He was ready to have this conversation with one of the employees who had a question of personal hygiene, body odour. The person was really concerned about the way this could go, and it worked, the procurement, up to this topic. I said: “you See, your work is really, to the attention of the person, and you find that you are not as you think, to this topic.” Of course, he has to make conversation, and the person, as well as a little embarrassing, really enjoyed to wear it to your attention. He landed to be solved in a positive way.
Now, if you think, this is probably the most difficult, what do you think of this conversation. It is better if the CEO makes a personal observation, instead of bringing you to the point that other colleagues have complained. It is not so good to say, “I am to hear that you stink and nobody wants to work with them.” That would not be as effective as, “Hey, I’m gone by and I really have the smell of your body fragrance that I think could work very difficult for the people next to you.” It will solve itself, how authentic, if the leader of the range of the information. Now, after you contact the person and let them know that you will say “Hey, I’ve noticed, this is something that I think that you need to address the” you don’t really need to tell you what to do. You don’t have to tell them to shower more often, or brushing your teeth, or something like that. What you need to do is to bring to your attention, and questions, as you are to me a bit better in terms of their personal hygiene or body odor could.
Now, as with any behavior, if after that you had a nice coaching dialog, where you’ve worn to your attention, if this continues, you can climb, because again, the cohesion and the cooperation in the team is important for the performance in terms of productivity, safety and quality. To car you as a front-and a Manager or as a manager, the next step, and conversations are difficult. You will probably be surprised that many of you are doing better that you thought, this would be the case.
Now, keep in mind that we will be on the website and for the front, the training of managers. It is our specialty, and work with the supervisor, the manager and team leader. Or send people in our workshops, the public or access to our resources and our videos and our distance-learning on our website, l’frontlineleadership.com. And if you are active in social networks, connect with us on Linked In, or Facebook to the Leader in the first line.

The Halloween Night Vlog! w joke on Chase (Frozen Nerdy fun)

the night of the Halloween Vlog! w joke on Chase (Frozen Nerdy fun)

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