I have to sell my books from my side to get more profit or on Amazon, Smashwords, etc.?

should I sell my book with my hand to get more profit or on Amazon, Smashwords, etc.?

when someone buys the book from your site is a dead end. You can make some money, but should not be any new features. In contrast, when people buy from Amazon, Amazon will automatically recommend the book to more and more people, leading to increased sales. Amazon knows how to sell things to the right people. They are very, very good at it. Thus, it is possible, in principle, to pay Amazon to sell Your book for you. If you decide not to use Amazon, you have to find a way to increase traffic directly to your own web site. If you sell something for free or for the price, this is not a stable model. However, if you are going to book a more expensive package or option package, then you can afford to advertise or do other things to attract traffic and make more money. Really should be free or a free e-book, and more guide, or on your website (non-fiction).
For fiction, you can’t really raise the price because people will pay them (or they will not feel happy). And while you can only sell on your website and earn more from each sale, you will sell much less than you would in partnership with Amazon and other web sites. This is the case, if you have a huge established platform for fans who will buy everything you publish, and famous enough to get a lot of media coverage, but in order to sneeze next to the typewriter (like Rowling).

10 Books Under 300 Pages !!

10 pounds in less than 300 pages !!

update: still not ok

10 Books Less Than 300 Pages:
1) the Hot bodies by Isaac Marion
2) the wave by Todd Strasser
3) the people Outside of S E Hinton
4) Speak by Laurie Halse Anderson
5) love is the Higher law by David Levithan
6) by Wendelin Van Draanen
7) animal Farm by George Orwell
8) A Monster calls by Patrick Ness
9) the great Gatsby by f. Scott Fitzgerald
10) advantages to be a wallflower, by Stephen Chobsky

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Review self publishing platform: advantages & amp; disadvantages and how to use them

overview of a publishing platform: advantages & amp; disadvantages and how to use them on the website

in this video I will give you an overview of the most interesting self-responsibility. I considered using-publishing company “Matador”, “print on demand” with Lulu edition and CreateSpace and to publish a book about companies kindles direct publishing and Smashwords (Lulu publishing books, Newspapers, so to talk about them in relation to the “print on demand” publishing and e-books)

I share the pros and cons of each of these companies, so you can choose one option over the second, for example, you can choose via “share” if you want a company that has a lot of paper work for you, it may, especially if you are not familiar with computers, but to help-the publication has its price, but you can do it alone, if you are not sure about it, and this is the basic skills.

Someday all the companies I spoke to about half of the Matador, but not part of a group of independent authors that many of them were used Matador and Matador to use all their books, run to the self-publishing course together, and I know what they think of the Matador as the positives and negatives.

In this video I discuss the different types of approach to getting your work published, then DIY is suitable for me to give you an idea of how easy it is to do it on your own, I will guide you through all the steps you have to go through when using their web sites and discuss why you might choose one option over the other.

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The launch of your book: set a book on Smashwords with

Your address books: set a book on Smashwords

I broke down the necessary steps to launch your book in a row video.

With this video I’ll give you some tips to customize your books on Smashwords.

The user platform is simple and intuitive. Work Smashwords allows you to book on their website as well as Barnes & noble, iBooks, books, and more.

When you can imagine the book will have to go through the transformation and evaluation of the Smashwords premium catalog. You will receive an e-mail with the results:
-Smashwords Premium Catalog: The Changes Proposed
-Smashwords Premium Catalog: Pets

When the book was accepted, you can begin to promote your day of start. Don’t forget to download a version in EPUB format in your book.

**Note: if you want to choose in the Kindle select your ebooks, you can’t be on Smashwords or any other website**

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The review sites and prices are more and more Popular in the books of erotic market

Thank you for
internet, the world of erotic literature got a lot more attention
before. Many of the new locations to this industry were built.

The internet, the processing and distribution of digital
to implement versions of books Erotic possible and much easier.Previously,
erotic books were often enthusiasts written by the authors, the werent to well-known
and their books were not presented on the sites that they owned.But,
since some years there is more interest in erotic literature
the internet. While pornographic videos and photos, which have been popular since
the internet began in the mid-1990s, the erotic literature has
while for the start.Previously, erotic stories, consisted of short stories
published on the web pages.However, a growing demand for erotic book online and
the improvement of technology has led to the distribution of the books, the complete
digital format over the internet. There are now many web sites, the
romance book destined for an adult audience over the internet.Some of the publishers
sale of books of different authors.The erotic literature is now sold
of other companies, of which the most important online activity is the publishing of books, such as
like the websites, the sale of sex toys.Also the integration with the book for the sale of sites,
fiction included eroticism in their catalog such as Amazon. You can also
you will find many websites that offer regular reviews, fiction, erotic books,
to be sold online.The review websites are particularly useful in this industry, such as, for example,
the positive evaluation of a popular website that can propel an unknown author
the reputation in the industry, fiction erotic, and do many things to increase sales.
your books.As more and more people buy books from this author heard that you
can also comment and share them with others who have the potential, l
you can create a viral effect, if the work of a very large
the quality of the’l’.In addition to the online books, there are also online magazines
to promote and to examine, erotic books, fiction, and more
the content in the context of sexuality in General.Some of these magazines are available online
published free and supported by ads or posts from users, while others are
you need a small monthly payment. There are some auditors and erotic book
the publishers are the type now, the prices on the websites, authors, and publishers,
they made valuable contributions to the fiction erotic industry.One of these
price just announced the x-cite price 2012Health fitness
The article ofpsychology articles, where voting is now open and the winner will be announced
14. February 2012.

E-book-cover size – a quick guide

E-book cover size – quick reference guide download

James Stefan Pylarinos’ Kindel money grace

How to choose e-book cover size.

After receiving the book, the cover is not as easy as it looks! Different book publishing platforms, all recommend different sizes for you to use for your shell.

In this video you will learn how to get the correct size for your ebook cover, as well as some other useful tips for creating your e-books cover.

If you want to learn more about publishing a book, you can click the link below and check out the amazing Kindel development course money Stefan Pylarinos James.

There are many different places to publish his new book. Some of the most popular:

kindle books
Apple books (iBooks)
Barnes & noble books
Books on Smashwords
Kobo books
Books books for children
In Google Play Books

If you publish each of the stores, in particular, here is the eBook cover dimensions that are recommended:
kindle book cover dimensions
1600 x 2560 pixels

Apple e-book cover sizes
1600 by 2400 pixels

Barnes & noble book cover dimensions
1333 2000 pixels

Smashwords eBook cover dimensions
1600 by 2400 pixels

Kobo e-book cover sizes
1600 by 2400 pixels

To order books for children cover dimensions
1400 to 2100 pixels

In Google Play Books
1618 pixels by 2500

If you plan to publish some or all of them, then you have to go from 2400 to 1600 pixels in size.

Other tips when creating a cover.

Try to avoid compressing files. If vendors of e-books and take the file in PNG format, you need to use it. For best results, the image should be at least a resolution of 300 ppi (pixels per inch).

In order to make their cover approximately 2 MB on size of file to avoid boot problems in each of the sides.

Reddy will learn today how Stefan not only make whoppin’ 100,000 $+ on a Kindle, but I do it on autopilot!
Click on the link below, and jump with Stefan Pylarinos James’ Kindel money masters now before it’s too late.

Books without romance | Top 5 Wednesday

books without romance | Top-5-Wednesday

♦ lipstick: lime crime Velvetine in Raven

Goodreads group: http://www.goodreads.com/group/show/118368-top-5-wednesday

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Smashwords formatting tutorial: how to publish on Smashwords

Smashwords formatting tutorial: how to publish on Smashwords

you want to know how to publish on Smashwords?

You could just Smashwords formatting tutorial?

Then, Today, you want me to check on the Smashwords guide, so you can meet pretty strict style and Smashwords premium distribution




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Chapter 1: How to split a word into syllables

Chapter 1: How to split a word into syllables

cut the words in syllables is the best approach to clear, the pronunciation and the spelling.

English rules of spelling http://www.learnenglishspellingrules.com by John J. F., the author of the complete Guide to English spelling: http://amzn.to/1py8chz learn

Master the spelling of the English language, and you are halfway to understanding the grammar and pronunciation, along with word origins, their meaning and their use.